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My Classroom 2017-2018

I'm finally back from maternity leave and ready to teach (kinda)! Can I bring my baby with me? Can he be my assistant? No? Awe. :(

Towards the end of the last school year I came back from my maternity leave for the two days of post-planning so I could clean up my classroom myself (it's just easier to do myself so I know where everything is). This year we had to take EVERYTHING down - including all our wall decor (since they were going to clean the walls during the summertime). While it was a pain to take everything down, it did give me a blank slate for the new school year!
Side note: My classroom looks HUGGGGEEEE when it's empty!
Before I went back for pre-planning I started work on a set a drawers for my classroom. The idea was that I would use each drawer to store all the prepped cut paper for each of my grade-level projects (that way it wouldn't end up all over my desk.. and every other possible surface in my room). Unfortunately in all my excitement.. I neglected to read the product description on the drawers I ordered from Target. I was overjoyed when I saw that the drawers could hold 12"x18" paper... except that they can't.. because that was just the overall cabinet dimensions. So now I think I might just use them for scrap paper storage (an excellent idea given to me by another art teacher)!
Obviously I couldn't just leave the drawers black.. so I decided to give them a colorful face lift!

Answer-to Enter-to Win!

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TPT Talk on iTunes

Had the opportunity to be interviewed by Rachel Davis from Bright Futures Counseling. If you're a TPT seller yourself, be sure to check it out!

In episode 6 of TpT Talk I interview Melinda Nguyen from Art with Mrs. Nguyen. In this episode, Melinda shares her perspective as an art teacher and TpT seller, how she uses Adobe Illustrator to create products, and how working on TpT is even her self-care!
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