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Color Mixing Turtles (K)

I'm going to go ahead and start by saying that kindergarten is seriously the hardest grade-level for me to plan lessons for - so thank goodness for Pinterest, Instagram, and my fellow art educators!
Seriously... how were art teachers able to do it all before social media? :)

Evergreen Tree Weaving

Before I begin I just want to say thank you so much to @adventures_in_teaching_art for the project idea. I was flipping through Instagram the other day and saw it and fell in love!
This is my take on the weaving project.

List of Materials
Tempera Paint (for background)
Yarn (dark green, brown, and black)
Plastic Yarn Needles
Optional: Beads (for ornaments)
Optional: Pipe Cleaner (for star)

First have your students paint a background onto their chinet plate. You could have them keep it simple or use this as an opportunity to talk about foreground, middle-ground, background and atmospheric perspective!
Once their plates are dry, have them make a series of cuts into their plates. Two at the top (about 3/4" apart) and 10 at the bottom (about the same distance apart).

Art Centers 2.0

This blog post contains some affiliate links to items that I have personally used and love.

Classroom management in the art room can be a tricky thing. That's why a few years ago I decided to try something new - I used art centers as the incentive in my classroom management plan.

So how does it work? Glad you asked!

Line-Up Dot Spots

This post contains affiliate links to products that I have personally used and love! 💕

Crying kinder: "Art teacher! He pushed me!!"
Me: "Why did you push her?"
Other on-the-verge of crying kinder: "Because I'm number 7! She was in my spot!!"
Crying kinder: "Nuh uhhhh!!"

Let's be real people. We get this EVERY. TIME. KINDERGARTEN. LINES. UP.
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