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Clay Penguins (1st)

FINALLY I get to post about this adorable clay penguin project that I've been doing with my first graders for the past couple months! 
I got the entire idea for this project from the art ed blog, Thomas Elementary Art!

Tessellation Monsters 2.0 (5th)

Once upon a time (in my first year of teaching), I taught a tessellation project to my 4th grade students. Just like any good fairy tale, at some point things took a turn for the worse. As great as some of the projects turned out, I was exhausted by the amount of hovering it required me to do as a teacher and left me yearning for a different project. But again, just like any good fairy tale, this story has a happy ending... After taking a 3 year break from tessellations, I have finally made my comeback with an awesome tessellation project for my 5th grade students. Yayyyy!

Winter Pine Tree Paintings (2nd)

It's beginning to feel like the most wonderful time of the year again.. and you know what that means - WINTER-THEMED ART PROJECTS!

Guys.. this is what I live for! There is something about working on winter art projects that just puts me in a better mood. It takes me to my happy place - a place filled with scarfs, Starbucks coffee, Christmas lights, family time, and 2 weeks off of work! And while all these things might still be a little while off.. it sure doesn't feel like that in my classroom! :)

This whole project came about as I was trying to find a quick 2-day replacement project for my 2nd grade students this rotation. I'm taking two days off to take a trip to the mountains with my hubby.. so I knew there was not enough time to do my usual Winter Value Landscapes project during this rotation. So I hoped onto Pinterest and found this inspiration.

Still Kickin'!

Well it's clear that I must have been in hibernation because I haven't written in two months! Yikes!
I gotta tell you guys.. I've had quite a bit going on!
First off I FINALLY moved into my new construction home in August and have been unpacking things literally for the past month (my new office is still a war zone).
AND... I'd been feeling a little under the weather for the past.. ehhhh let's say about 13 weeks?
But that's just because of the baby. :)



YES! Mrs. Nguyen is having a baby!

I am so beyond excited about having another little one. My existing son is about to turn 8 years old this month.. so he's been waiting a LONG time for a sibling!
And to top things off - we got to find out the gender really early!
Guys.. science is amazing. Like really. 2 vials of blood from me and the lab was able to determine the baby's likelihood of inheriting any genetic diseases AND could tell me the gender.

So without further adieu...

Brody's getting a baby brother!

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