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Digital learning can definitely be challenging when it comes to teaching art!
Since you can't be sure which supplies your students will have available to use at home, it's best to keep things simple!

In this blog post I'm going to give you some ideas that might just help make things a little easier for you!
  1. Creative Drawing and Writing Prompts
  2. Art Career Prompts
  3. Marker Mandalas

Creative Drawing and Writing Prompts

These prompts are easy to copy and paste onto your teacher webpage or whatever platform you're using to communicate with your students! 

Draw a picture of an animal you would like to adopt. Afterwards write a brief newspaper ad to explain the traits you are looking for in the animal.

Yummy Nummy Diner! 
Come up with your own idea for a brand new restaurant! What kind of food does it serve? Does it have a theme? Draw a picture showing what the building will look like. Afterwards create a mock-menu that your restaurant would give to its customers. Menu: Remember to make a cover page and then list appetizers, entrees, desserts, beverages, sides, etc inside your menu (and how much each items costs). Pictures are also a nice touch! :)

Brand new food!
Congratulations! You’ve just been hired at Food Co. Inc.; the world’s leading processed foods manufacturer! Your first task is to create a brand new food product! Once you’ve come up with your product, create an advertisement (poster) that will convince people to buy your new food! Think about what age demographic you're aiming it towards, what flavors might you offer, cost, etc. Maybe your ad needs a spokesperson/mascot (similar to the Trix bunny or Tony the Tiger).

World Traveler!
If you could travel anywhere, where would you go (real or imaginary)? Create a travel brochure that will help promote your location as an ideal travel spot. Why would people want to go there? What could they do there? What would they see? Make sure you include both pictures and a well-written description!

Master Inventor!
If you could invent one new item, what would you create? Draw a detailed picture showing your new invention and a written description telling prospective consumers what your invention does and why they need it! How to.. Create a step-by-step set of instructions detailing how to do something (how to cook a food, how to do your homework, etc). Once you have finished writing your directions, draw a picture next to it for further clarification.

Welcome to the Zoo!
Wow! You discovered a new animal and the city zoo wants to add it to its collection! Draw a picture of the animal in its natural habitat and write a description of your animal that can be included in its new display at the zoo!

Create a 6-frame comic strip for the local newspaper! Each frame should include an image and dialogue to help the reader understand your story.

My Wonderful Dream House!
Imagine you just won the lottery and now get to design your own dream house! What would it look like from the outside? What would the floor plan look like? Would you design a space for your parents to come live with you? Draw a few pictures detailing your design plans and write a descriptive paragraph telling readers about your dream house!

Real Life Cake Boss!
Congrats on becoming a real life cake boss! Now that you’re a professional, design your dream birthday cake. How many layers would it have? What colors? Would it have any symbols that relate to you? Once your drawing is completed, write a paragraph describing your birthday cake to others.
You can download how-to-draw cake sheets for free here if you'd like to give your students some support.

Shoe Designer! 
Nike has just asked you to design their latest shoe design. Draw a picture of your shoe design and then write a paragraph describing why you chose the colors you did and why you think people will like it.

Tree House Architect!
Hooray! You get to design an awesome new tree house for your backyard! Draw a picture detailing what your tree house would look like (make sure to label important features). Afterwards, write a detailed description about your tree house. How do you get up into it? How do you get down? What activities could you do there?

Art Careers 

These prompts come from a larger 'Careers in Art' research project package that I have on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Book Illustrator 
Pretend that you just wrote your autobiography (a book about your life). Draw an illustration to show what the cover of your book would look like. Remember to think about your book’s target audience. What do you want them to know about you?

Packaging Designer
Sugar Sweets Cereal Company has just created a brand new cereal with crispy flakes and zebra-shaped marshmallows. Draw a picture showing what the front and back of the cereal box would look like if you designed it. Make sure you think about the target audience (who the cereal is being marketed and sold to) and what their visual tastes may be. Don’t forget to include the company name and a name for the cereal!

Graphic Designer
 Your school is having a fall harvest dance! It is your job to design a poster that will be hung up all over the school. Make sure you design something that shows the theme, the dance name, date, time, ticket cost, and any other necessary information! Architect You’ve been chosen to design the plans for a new elementary school! Draw a floor plan that shows where everything in the school would go. Don’t forget about the gym, cafeteria, media center, front office, restrooms, and classrooms!

Landscape Architect 
You’ve been hired to design the new city park! The people in the city love to go walking and play sports! Draw your plans for the park from a birds-eye-view (from above). Will your park include walking paths, basketball courts, baseball fields, a forest, or pond?

Fashion Designer 
You have been hired to design the uniforms for three different sports teams (you can pick which sport). Make sure that you include everything the player would need to wear. What will the jersey look like? What colors will you use so all three teams look different? Will the uniforms need certain shoes?

Computer Animator
Dreamworks Studios needs an animator to create a storyboard showing a scene from their new movie “Animals.” Your job is to create a storyboard showing two animals escaping from the city zoo and making their way to the city. What things might they say? What would the background settings look like? What other things might be in the scenes?

Video Game Designer 
Come up with an idea for a new video game. What is the game about? What would the player be trying to do or accomplish? What would the setting look like? What would the characters look like? Create a few drawings showing your ideas. Don’t forget to explain the point of the game!

Product Designer 
You're in charge of designing a new robot toy! The toy company wants the robot to look like an animal (you can pick which) and it needs to be able to do something that would be useful to its owner (like charge their cellphone, or bring in the mail, etc.). Draw out your design and write a descriptive paragraph telling what the robot would do.

Art Teacher 
You have a bottle of paint, drawing paper, scissors, and glue. You do not have brushes because you’ve already spent all of your art budget. Come up with three different project ideas that you could make with your students using those supplies. Draw out what the finished art piece would look like and write step-by-step directions for at least one of the projects.

Congratulations on being hired as the local newspaper’s new photojournalist! They have a couple stories they are working on and need you to take pictures to accompany the articles. Draw out what a good photograph for each story would look like.
1. The police department got a new dog.
 2. The city just had a spring parade on Main St.
3. The mayor just got married!

Makeup Artist 
A monster movie is being filmed in town and the filming company needs a makeup artist to design what the monster’s faces are going to look like. Come up with two different ideas for how the monster’s faces could look.

Set Designer 
Draw up a set design for the 3rd grade play entitled “Bears in a Circus”. What might you see in the background? What props would you need on stage? When you’re done with that, draw up a set design for the 5th grade play entitled “Betsy Goes to School.”

Tattoo Artist
You’re the owner of a brand new tattoo studio and just had a few clients walk in. Draw a design for each of them:
1. Client 1 wants a bird combined with music notes.
2. Client 2 wants something to represent their birthday October 12, 1990.
3. Client 3 wants an abstract bouquet of flowers.

Marker Mandalas

This lesson is pretty simple to do! All you need is paper, a pencil, sharpie, and something to color with. You can read a more thorough post about this lesson here or you can just use the resources below.

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