Principles of Design Interactive Worksheets for Distance Learning


After releasing my Elements of Art Interactive Worksheets in the Summer of 2020, I got a lot of requests to make a similar package for the Principles of Design. So after a lot of work - here it is! :) 

Each "worksheet" is actually a Google Slide presentation which collectively (within 9 presentations) covers all 9 of the principles of design (emphasis, unity, movement, proportion, scale, balance, repetition, rhythm, and variety). Students are presented with both informational and interactive slides throughout the slideshow. So they learn about a specific concept, then are asked to complete interactive activities (drag and drop and written response) to show their understanding. Once they've completed the "worksheet" they can either turn their work into you via Google Classroom, or if you aren't using that platform, they can "share" the document back to you via a Google Drive share link (only caveat is that they have to have access to Google Drive). There's complete details for both options included in the resource. 

As mentioned, the elements are spread out into 14 presentations (detailed below). 
  1. Emphasis (4 activity slides / 12 total slides) 
  2. Unity (4 activity slides / 12 total slides) 
  3. Movement (4 activity slides / 14 total slides) 
  4. Proportion (3 activity slides / 11 total slides) 
  5. Scale (4 activity slides / 14 total slides) 
  6. Balance (4 activity slides / 14 total slides) 
  7. Repetition (5 activity slides / 12 total slides) 
  8. Rhythm (8 activity slides / 21 total slides) 
  9. Variety (4 activity slides / 13 total slides)
Check out the video below to see a sample of some of the activities!

You can now find this resource bundle in both my website shop and my Teachers Pay Teachers shop! If you purchase via TPT you will be prompted to allow TPT access to your Google Drive folder. When you give them permissions, they will automatically make a folder for you within your Google Drive with copies of all the documents. 
If you'd rather not grant TPT access to your drive, you can purchase through my website shop. If you do it that way, you'll get a few PDF documents, one of which (TeacherDirections.pdf) contains a list of links to all of the presentations. When you click on one of the presentation links, it will prompt you to make a copy to your Google Drive. You'll need to do that in order to gain access to the resource. 

 I HIGHLY recommend reading through ALL the directions BEFORE playing around within the slideshows.
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If you'd like to save even more and gain access to my entire collection of Interactive Worksheets (both Elements and Principles), check out my bundled resource below! :)
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