Snowglobes (1st)

Because of winter break and other holiday-time activities, my week with my 1st graders was cut down into only 2 days, so instead of trying to do the alligator weaving project, I opted to change it up and we made snowglobes instead!
I had students use tracers to create the shape for their snowglobes on blue paper, brown paper, and a sheet of transparency paper for the "glass" on the snowglobe.
The first day students cut out all the parts and used white tempera paint to create their snowy scenes!
The second day they used color pencils to add details and then glued them together!
Very cute and fairly quick two-day project!

Update: I hope you'll forgive the quality of the examples below. Camera phones weren't as good then as they are now. :)

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  1. These are so cute! I love the addition of the transparency sheet to represent the glass. How did you attach that? Wouldn't glue show through?

  2. We just used glue sticks to attach (the glue dried pretty clear). Ideally I would've hot glued the covers on.. but as I said.. we didn't have that much time.
    They stuck though! :)