Paper Weaving (with templates)

I am SO excited to share this resource that I've been working on with you guys!
After seeing some absolutely gorgeous paper weavings on Instagram, I was inspired to create one of my own! So I googled basket weaving designs, then used that to guide my paper weaving.
That's when it struck me! What if there were designs or templates created specifically for paper weaving that made it easier for younger students to do too?! Note: I recommend this for students who have already done paper weaving before. I would not use this to introduce the technique for the first time.
To use these templates, you just print them on regular letter size paper (I recommend using Astrobrights cardstock), and then weave in the weft strips so they cover the X's and go under the blank squares.
Easy peasy!

Check out this video showing how to use the templates for paper weaving:

I arranged my materials into a binder that would work PERFECTLY for an art center or even just for early finishers who need something fun and engaging to do while others finish up.
The binder is arranged into a few sections:
1. Instructions
2. Design catalog (showing all the designs in the binder)
3. Weaving templates (with cover pages)
4. Student designs
5. Instructions for creating designs and then making those into templates (to be included in the binder for some art room fame)

Check out this video showing how I set up my binder:

My favorite part of the binder is the section for student designs. What better way to motivate students to do their best work, then with the promise of art room fame! :)

If you're interested in getting a copy of this package, you can find it in my shopify store or on Teachers Pay Teachers!


  1. I love this! It seems that the templates are all based on a standard strip size. is that about 8 inches wide by 1/2 in tall?

  2. Hello, do you send your work even outside of the US? Or maybe for teachers in Europe it's possible to buy a pdf of it? I love the work you did with the binder and I would like to do this activity with the children in my classroom

  3. Hi! Yes you can purchase the PDF! Just follow the links at the bottom of the post.

  4. I just purchased this pack. It's awesome! I'm going to use it to link to traditional Maori weaving here in New Zealand. A lot of the patterns are similar to Maori patterns. I was literally about to design my own templates like this and then I saw your resource! Saved me hours. Thanks :)