Magnetic Pattern Block Mosaic Art

This is a one-day extension lesson that I often do when I'm teaching about 'mosaics' with my kindergarten and 1st grades (although ALL grade levels thoroughly enjoy it).
Depending on the amount of time I have - I sometimes begin by reading the book 'Pezzettino' by Leo Lionni first.
I group students into groups of 2-3 and give them each a mini white board and a tupperware container full of wooden pattern blocks (to which I've attached magnets).
Students then take turns creating pictures (or 'mosaics') with their pattern blocks, then have their groupmates guess what they've created. Once the picture has been successfully guessed, they clear the board and the next student gets a turn.
This is a GREAT full-day activity or activity for students who finish up early!

I had one kindergarten friend who spent literally 20 minutes trying to find out all the different ways he could combine shapes to make hexagons. It was awesomeness.

I remember loving to play with these as a kid - turns out they are still just as awesome! :)

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  1. My kindergartens love the pattern blocks and I've been looking for an extension. This is wonderful! Thank you for sharing!!