Little Cloud Pictures (K)

So after creating rainbow mosaics with my kindergarteners, I had quite a bit of "cloud" paint (shaving cream + school glue mixed together) leftover. I didn't want it to go to waste.. so I came up with this quick 1/2 day lesson.
We began by reading the book "Little Cloud" by Eric Carle. This got us talking about all the cool shapes my kindergarteners have seen the clouds make in the sky when they look up at them.
Then on a sheet of 6"x4.5" blue paper, I had students draw a contour line image with white crayon of something they wanted to see in the clouds. Then using the leftover "cloud paint", students colored in their contour line images.

The cool thing about the pictures is that they really do look like clouds when they dry! The kids love them! :)

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