Lupines (K/1)

This lesson was inspired by a pin I saw on Pinterest connecting to the blog, Fine Lines.
This project was done with both my Kinders and my 1st graders this week.. and I love the results I got from both! Kindergarten was talking a lot about texture this week.. and so we started out by finding textures in the room and doing crayon rubbings of them. This paper was then painted with blues, greens, and yellows - look at how nicely colors that sit next to each other on the color wheel blend! ;) Then the next day we looked at some photos of lupines and even a painting of lupines and talked about the things that we noticed about them (they are tall, they have petals all over them, the colors, etc.). Using green oil pastels we drew stems for our flowers overtop of our painted texture paper. Then I demonstrated how we would use ONE finger (I had them put up their pointer finger while I was explaining this) to make fingerprint marks with tempera to make the flower petals. First they would print either a purple or red dot, then they would print a white dot overtop (red+white=pink?!?! whhhhattttt?!). --It's moments like these that make teaching art so exciting!
First graders essentially did the same process, however we started out their week talking about "variety" and "texture" (this lesson was a 2-day extension of another flower painting project they did).
I absolutely adore all the color and textures they have on their paper - BEAUTIFUL!!


  1. Love the idea of painting over the crayon rubbings. When my students travel around the art room looking for textures, I call it an Art Safari. For a little cross cirriculum, we first talk about. Safari to make sure everyone knows what the word means. The kids love going on safari. I actually do this with 2nd grade and we texture two 9 x 12 papers for a collage project. The papers are turned over and the backs are filled with medium and large sized shapes. I try very hard to steer them away from tiny shapes. The shapes ate cut out and then collated to make a recognizeable composition.

  2. I had never heard of a lupine before, Ms. Gram! This is a nice breath of fresh air for texture lessons. Glad I found your blog and honored to be part of your Blogroll.