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Winter 2014 Projects! (K-5)

Ahhhh I love this time of year! Family, friends, and winter-themed art projects! :)
Just wanted to give you guys a sneak peek of the things going on in the art room this week! I'll be doing full write-ups on the projects I haven't already posted on later (once I collect some more images)!

Kindergarten: Winter Penguins
1st Grade: Gingerbread House Collage (last week)

1st Grade: Gingerbread Houses (last week)

1st Grade: Winter Bird and Birch Tree Collage (this is NOT my image - just an example of what I'm doing)
This image belongs to "A Day in the Life of this Art Teacher"

2nd Grade: Winter Value Landscapes (see post from last year)

3rd Grade: Watercolor-resist Snowflake Paintings

4th Grade: Birds-Eye-View Snowman (see post from last year)

5th Grade: Origami Trees

5th Grade: Value Lights (see post from last year)

Annnddd for this year's classroom door decorations -
A collaboration between me and the teacher next door! Okay, okay - it was mostly her. My contribution to this was the brown paper and the "icing" around our door windows. :)

Annndddddddd a sneak peek of this week in winter-themed baking! I've decided to make treats for my fellow teachers everyday this week. So far I made Oreo Snowmen on a Stick and Santa Hat Trail Mix. Still to come is Melting Snowmen Cookies, Holiday Light Cookies, Candy Cane'd Chocolate Marshmallows, and Holiday Pretzel Rods.

Monday: Oreo Snowmen on a Stick

Tuesday: Santa Hat Trail Mix

Wednesday: Holiday Light Cookies

Thursday: Assorted Chocolate Pretzels

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