Winter 2014 Projects! (K-5)

Ahhhh I love this time of year! Family, friends, and winter-themed art projects! :)
Just wanted to give you guys a sneak peek of the things going on in the art room this week! I'll be doing full write-ups on the projects I haven't already posted on later (once I collect some more images)!

Kindergarten Penguins

1st Grade Gingerbread Houses

1st Grade Gingerbread Houses (FOR REAL!)

1st Grade Birch Trees

2nd Grade Value Landscapes

3rd Grade Watercolor Snowflakes

4th Grade Birds-Eye-View Snowmen

5th Grade Origami Trees

5th Grade Value Lights

Annnddd for this year's classroom door decorations -
A collaboration between me and the teacher next door! Okay, okay - it was mostly her. My contribution to this was the brown paper and the "icing" around our door windows. :)

Annndddddddd a sneak peek of this week in winter-themed baking! I've decided to make treats for my fellow teachers everyday this week. So far I made Oreo Snowmen on a Stick and Santa Hat Trail Mix. Still to come is Melting Snowmen Cookies, Holiday Light Cookies, Candy Cane'd Chocolate Marshmallows, and Holiday Pretzel Rods.

Monday - Oreo Snowmen on a Stick

Tuesday - Santa Hat Trail Mix

Wednesday - Holiday Light Cookies

Thursday - Assorted Chocolate Pretzels

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