About Me

My name is Melinda Nguyen (formerly Gram) and I am a wife, mother, blogger, art education resource designer, jewelry designer, and an elementary art educator (though I've recently taken a leave of absence to stay home with my babies).
I graduated summa cum laude with a BFA in Art Education (with a studio concentration in Graphic Design) from Georgia State University in 2011.
Since then I've been teaching art in Title 1 elementary schools - and in the 2015-16 year had the pleasure of starting my own program at a brand new elementary school!
My approach to teaching art is one which combines a passion for fun and learning.
I personally believe that at the elementary level, the most important thing is to help my students discover the joy of making art. This is why in my classroom we frequently get our hands dirty, explore new mediums, make connections, and create art that is super relevant to my students.
The elements and principles compliment my lessons, not drive them.
If there is ever any way I can help you (bouncing ideas off of, getting a PowerPoint, helpful tips, etc.) please do not hesitate to contact me at melinda@artwithmrsnguyen.com. I absolutely love getting to correspond with my readers! You guys keep me writing! :)

More about me:

  • 2015 Finalist - 'Best Elementary Art Ed Blog' (The Art of Education)
  • 2014 2nd Place - ' Best Rising Star Art Ed Blog' (The Art of Education)
  • 2014 Teacher of the Year nominee

  • Jones Art Education Scholarship (2011) 

Professional Conference Presentations:
  • "The Art of Blogging: Surviving the First Year Through Social Media and Technology" 
    Georgia Art Education Association Fall Conference (2013) 
  • "Teachers-Pay-Teachers: Getting rich'ish quick'ish" 
    Georgia Art Education Association Fall Conference (2014)
  • "Connected Classroom: Building your network through blogging and technology" Georgia Art Education Association Fall Conference (2014)
  • "Connected Classroom: Building your network through blogging and technology" 
    National Art Education Association Conference (2015)
  • "Organize Your Classroom and Optimize Success
    National Art Education Association Webinar (2016)

Publications and Public Interviews:


  1. I am thrilled to find your blog! Thank you for sharing your expertise, enthusiasm, and amazing creativity! I am sure it takes a lot of time to include so much detail in your posts. Please know it is most appreciated. With gratitude and excitement, your newest follower

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet words!
      I appreciate you taking the time to read my posts! :)

  2. and I thought our school was big?! 1400 kids k thru 5. y'all got us beat:) You're school demographic is very much like ours. Love your work. Does your arts integration teacher have a blog too? Our school is about to be part of an arts integration grant and I'm coordinating with our 2 artists in res how that will impact their curriculum as they co-plan with grade level teachers. Looks like you had a blast in NOLA. I went to school at LSU so I spent lots of time down there.

    1. It's pretty crazy working at a school this big! Luckily the county is opening two new elementary schools next year (one of which will take part of our current population). I will be moving to the other one however (only projected to open with 1,200 students - still Title I).
      Our STEAM teacher does not keep a blog.. but if you email me at melindagram@gmail.com I could give you her email address if you'd like! :)
      And yes.. NOLA was awesome!! Can't wait to visit there again!
      And super can't wait until Chicago!