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This school year I will be out on an extended maternity leave. While I am so excited to get to stay home with my babies, I'm definitely going to miss my classroom! Setting up my art room in the beginning of the year is something I always look forward to. Freshly painted tables and stools, sparkling'ish clean floors, new bulletin board borders, bright new posters to hang - I LOVE it all so much!
Normally I start off each school year with a post showing how I set up my art room and my plans for classroom management, but this year is going to be a little different. Instead I'm going to show you some pictures of things that worked great in previous years, and what exciting new creations I've been working on for the art room!

Visual Art Word Wall

These Visual Art Word Wall cards are the perfect way to get your kids to learn art vocabulary AND a great way to show your administration how you can incorporate literacy into your art room! 
Every year I hang these up along the back wall in my classroom, that way when my students are lined up waiting for their teacher, they have an opportunity to peruse my wall.
This summer I've made some exciting new updates to my word wall cards! The vocab words are now much bolder and the card set with definitions included is significantly easier to read from afar. 

Elements and Principles Posters and Strips

Another item I like to hang on the back wall of my classroom is my Elements of Art and Principles of Design Poster set. Putting these posters next to where my kids line up at the end of class gives them yet another opportunity to become more familiar with the elements and principles.
The package that I sell in my TPT store has these posters sized to 8.5"x11" or 18"x24", but the ones I have in my classroom I just scaled down in my print settings to print at 13"x18".

This summer I've been working on a new set of simplified Elements and Principles poster strips. These poster strips print 2 to a page and are about 3.5"x9.5" each. The great thing about these new poster strips is that they are really bold and easy to read from a distance. That makes them great for hanging above bulletin boards or white boards or wherever else you may have space to put them! Each card features the name of the element or principle and a colorful background that reflects the meaning of the word (similar to my visual art word wall cards).

Art Supply Labels

You know who likes an unorganized art room? Not me! I am like the queen of organization.. so the fact that my art room went six years without having my supplies labeled absolutely blows my mind! I created these Art Supply Labels with the intention of not only labeling the outside of my plastic storage bins, but the outside of my cabinet doors as well (that way I'd know exactly where everything was AND so would my students)! Having my cabinets labeled would be a great way to have my students retrieve supplies for their tables AND help me save valuable instructional time!
Because as art teachers we have TONS of different materials and supplies in our rooms, I came up with a list of 200 common art and classroom supplies and made labels for each of them. In my package I also included a blank template with both written and video directions to help teachers make custom labels (just in case they were missing something).

Color Mixing Posters

Years ago I painted a posterboard-sized set of color mixing posters to hang in my classroom to help my students learn about primary, secondary, and intermediate/tertiary colors. As time went on however, I realized that I needed more than one set in my classroom (I wanted it easy for all my students to be able to see). So eventually I created a digital version of my color mixing posters.
The best part of having these posters up in my classroom was that all my students were able to easily refer to them if they forgot how to mix a specific color (this especially came in handy with my kinders).

Art Genre Cards

Learning to classify artwork into genres is a great skill to teach your students - especially if that just so happens to be something that you're expected to cover for your SLO testing! To help my students  remember the possible categories, I created these Art Genre Cards! In previous years I've hung them directly above my whiteboard/projector screen, so when I'm presenting a new artist or piece of artwork to my students, I can have them quickly categorize the piece of art.
So for example, if I had van Gogh's "Starry Night" projected on my board, my students would be able to deduce that the painting is either a landscape or cityscape (would make for an interesting debate) and is also a piece of abstract art.

Art Movement Cards

Trying to incorporate some more art history into your lessons? Or even better - are you a high school art teacher? These Modern Art Movement cards are a perfect way to introduce your students to 33 modern art movements! I've created two different versions of this set; a simplified set that contains the visuals, the art movement name, and the active years of the movement, and then a more complex set that also includes a brief description of the movement and some of the most active artists in the movement.

Modern Art Artist Cards

My Modern Art Movement Artist card set matches perfectly with my Art Movement cards! There are so many different things you could do with these. You could post them on a bulletin board to make an artist "word wall," hang them up to display information about a featured artist for a lesson, use them as headers for an artist of the week bulletin board, or even make an artist timeline to help your students visually see how artists may have influenced each other's work!
Each card features a photograph or painting of the artist him/herself, an enlarged example of their work in the background, their name, years lived, and the art movement(s) they were most associated with. Best part of this package? There are over 200 artists included!

Crayon Color Poster Cards

I'm pretty excited about these new Crayon Color Poster Cards that I made because they are so stinking cute AND they come in ALL the colors! Anytime I buy color posters for my classroom they only include the basic 9 colors, so finally I created my own! This set includes yellow, yellow-orange, orange, red-orange, red, red-violet, violet (& purple), blue-violet, blue, blue-green, green, yellow-green, white, gray, black, brown, pink! It also comes with a variety of color scheme headers and other add-ons to help arrange them however you'd like! They are seriously so adorable!
BONUS: They also come with a blank template so you can create your own labels with them!

Color Mixing Poster Cards

This package is similar to my crayon cards in that they display ALL the colors (tertiaries included) - but this Color Mixing Poster Card set ALSO includes a visual in the corner showing what colors you would need to mix together to create the featured color! This set is a great way to help students learn color names, how to categorize them, and how to create them in a variety of mediums!

*Package includes the colors: red, red-orange, orange, yellow-orange, yellow, yellow-green, green. blue-green, blue, blue-violet, violet (and optional purple substitute), red-violet, pink, brown, gray, white, and black. (White and black not shown in preview below.)

Descriptive Shades of Color Posters

Want your students to start speaking more descriptively about color (or at least more so then like light blue or dark blue)? Yep - so do I. That's why I created these Descriptive Shades of Color Posters. I have two different versions of this item to suit differing decor tastes and both versions come with 9 color posters (either full page or half page) and two possible title posters. One of the title posters reads "The Many Shades of Color," while the other reads "Variety of Color."
Why you ask? While varying colors of a single hue are often referred to as "shades" of a color, they technically aren't all. This becomes especially confusing for our youngest learners who learn about shades in the context of tints and shades - so a color + black. You can bypass that confusion by just using the "Variety of Color" title card. :)

Interested in any of my art room decor creations?
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