NAEA Webinar!

I'm so excited to announce that I will be one of three art educators presenting during an NAEA 'Snapshot: Best Practices' webinar on April 19th, 2016!
If you've never registered for one of these webinars before - you should check it out! They are free for NAEA members ($49 for non-members) and you can get an hour worth of professional development credit from NAEA! 
The other two presenters will be Nichole Hahn (from Mini Matisse) and Debra Pylypiw.

To give you a taste of what the presentations will be about:

Nichole Hahn: The Connect Effect is powerful with Art! Explore how art can create connections within the schools, between students, classes, and disciplines. Make community connections through artists in residence, authors, illustrators, and dance groups. Art can connect a student to something as big as a global art trade and something as small as a personal connection shown in their personal exploration.

Debra Pylypiw: All-County Art—Highlight Your Most Talented Students! Have you ever looked at the music program's All-County, All-District, and All-State programs and wondered how you could give the same recognition to your talented visual artists? Learn about this successful program in North Carolina that does just this! Find ideas for developing an honors program in your school system.

Melinda Nguyen: Organize Your Classroom and Optimize Success! Give your classroom management a boost with great organization! Learn about an organizational system implemented in an art classroom used by 1,000 students, optimizing instructional time and teacher sanity. 

Please consider joining us on April 19th from 7:00-8:00pm EST!
I'm so exited to have been chosen for this opportunity! 

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