Angry Birds Pop Art Plushies (5th)

This project is definitely one of the biggest hits with my kids. For the past two years I've been asked over and over again when my students were going to be able to do the project. "5th grade!" I'd always reply. Well guess what this years 5th graders - your time is NOW!
You want a project that is going to COMPLETELY engage your students? This is it.
If you'd like to read all the background, please check out my original post.
The gist though is that we talk about Pop Art and the artists Claes Oldenburg (who is a personal favorite of mine) and Heidi Kenney (who makes the cutest soft-sculptures EVER).
Seriously.. if you are not familiar with either of these artists.. you've seriously been missing out. :)


  1. Amaaaah-ZING
    As usual!!! Love it :)

  2. Is this felt? I want to do a felt sewing project with my students but am stumped as to what needle/yarn to use? Love these!

    1. Yep it's felt! If you follow this link you can see a more informative version of this post.
      The needle the kids use is a steel yarn needle. It looks like this one..