Expressive Word Art (3rd)

For this lesson we began by reviewing the different line types and talked about what feeling each type can help convey (for example - vertical=strength, horizontal=rest and calm, wavy=calm movement, etc). Then we moved on and talked about colors and the moods they can help show in artwork.
Before I revealed what mood each color is thought to translate, I had students fill out the "I think..." section of the worksheet you see to the left. It was really interesting to see which colors students filled in for each. Then we viewed the powerpoint I put together for the project, and they listed a few moods each color is said to convey under the "I know..." section.
After talking all about how to use line and color expressively, I gave students the task of creating a piece of artwork centered around one word which they had to express on their papers with lines, pattern, and color.
Students first started by writing their word large on their page in block/bubble letters. This is a challenging task in-and-of-itself for many kids, so I showed them my secret block letter trick. You start by writing the word normally on your piece of paper (large enough to fill the space) -- as seen in red. Then you outline each letter with an evenly distributed border -- as seen in black. Once you are done outlining the letters, all you have to do is erase the original letter lines and outline in sharpie!
Once the word was on the page, students began adding line, pattern, and color to their papers AROUND their word with thin-tip markers (I used Crayola) to help express the meaning of their word!

Going into this project I knew it was better suited for older grades who may have the patience to work on meticulous detail for days in a row (5th grade+).. but I wanted to see what my 3rd graders could do!

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