The Gold Star Award

It is with great honor that I award Mollie from "Art with Ms. K" the legendary 'Gold Star Award' for being an awesome co-presenter this past weekend at GAEA... and for being an amazing art teacher!

The history of the 'Gold Star Award' is one of prestige and merit. Dating back to October 15th, 2013, the 'Gold Star Award' has been passed down from art teacher to art teacher throughout its existence (which at this point is going on about 4 minutes)!

If you were at our 2013 Fall GAEA session ("The Art of Blogging: Surviving the First Year Through Social Media and Technology"), you already know that I am self-admittedly motivated by hypothetical "gold stars" - so it makes perfect sense that I award one of my most valued symbols of worth to Ms. Katzin. Congratulations Mollie - I hope you accept this awesomely flattering totally not made-up "award". ;)


  1. LOL this is amazing!!!!!! I especially like that it is NOT a chain-mail type award and I literally have only to accept it to make it official (instead of listing off my favorite foods and sending it to 30 people) Who should I thank first, there are so many people to recognize! I guess first and foremost my gratitude goes out to the elements and principles of art without whom I would have nothing to teach. And I of course cannot forget to mention a big huge THANK YOU to my co-presenter who deserves every gold star in the universe. Thank you so much for passing me this prestigous and life-changing award. With great power comes great responsibility and I will make sure to carry the torch with dignity and pride. :) :) :)

  2. ^ This response exemplifies why you got this award. Pure awesomeness. :)