Australian Dot Art Clay Magnets

Today was the last meeting for my art club for the 2012-2013 school year, so I decided that we would try a new (for me) one-day project - Australian Dot Art Painting!

The other week I made a bunch of thin clay slabs cut into the shape of flowers so that I could test fire some new glazes I bought - however I decided to re-purpose them for this project instead.
Students painted their already bisque-fired clay slabs either white or black with tempera paint. Then using the ends of scratch-sticks and a variety of tempera paints, we began creating our Australian Dot Art.
While traditional Australian Dot Art favors natural colors and tends to incorporate a lot of animal imagery, I decided we'd make Once completed, we hot glued magnets onto the back of the slabs to turn our artworks into clay magnets! *What a great Mother's Day gift too! :)

Needless to say my kids loved making these today - and so did I! Very zen!

This is a project I definitely plan on doing next year - maybe with my 4th graders.

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