Kindergarten 'Blue'prints (K)

I wish I could say this was an original idea, however I got the idea for these "blueprints" from Mrs. Knight's Smartest Artists blog - the only difference was that I had my kids add color.
In kindergarten this week we started by talking about what an architect is. The majority of my kids had no idea.. so we looked at the cover of the book 'Iggy Peck, Architect' by Andrea Beaty for clues! Once figuring out that an architect is an artist who designs and makes plans for structures, we read the book (the kids loveeee this book because of all the rhyming words).
After reading the book, I had my kids look up at the projector screen to look at some pictures of some interesting buildings (I just pulled a couple off the internet) and talk about what makes the building interesting or unique? What do they notice? After sharing ideas for a bit... I introduced the art-making project.
Each student was given a sheet of 12x18" dark blue construction paper and each table got a bowl of "stamping materials" (pieces of cardboard, legos, sponges, etc...) and a tupperware container with a sponge and white tempera paint inside. I demonstrated to students how to press the assorted stamping materials onto the paint filled sponge and then onto their papers (to create prints). They then used this process to print their very own buildings. Once our artwork was dry (the following day), I gave students construction paper crayons to add color and/or additional details to their buildings.

Aside from our Lupine finger'printing' lesson, this is the first printmaking experience my kinders have had. I really just wanted to give them the opportunity to explore the medium and its possibilities.

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