Awesome Art Bingo! (3rd/4th/5th)

With only four more weeks to go until school is out for the summer in my county, I'm working on wrapping up projects with my students. Because I have a weekly schedule (I see each class of students for a full week.. then don't see them again until they come back up in rotation - which is between 4-7 weeks)... I'm running into the last week of art with many of my classes now. Most of my 3rd-5th grade lessons this rotation are only 4 day lessons... so I've had one extra art class. I really didn't want to just try to cram in a quick one-day project.. so I decided a review game day would be a great way to wrap everything up.
I had searched and searched online to find something I liked... but unfortunately kept coming up short of what I wanted -- so I decided to create my own.
And thus...'Mrs. Nguyen's Art Vocabulary Bingo' was born. :)
I've seen art bingo done before... but I've never really been pleased with it because it's often just a matter of students saying a word and finding it... or looking for a picture and finding it - which does not really show that a student understands what the term means (kind of a waste of time if you ask me).
I really wanted my students to demonstrate to me an understanding of the vocabulary being used and I think my version does this quite well.
An updated/enhanced version is available in my store!

Mrs. Nguyen's Art Vocabulary Bingo
Materials: Bingo cards, bingo chips, Art Bingo Clue Sheet, and stack of 25 visual cards

  1. Students pass out bingo cards to each person in their group (up to 6 players in a group).
  2. Students then take turns pulling a visual card out of a bag (basically they take turns being 'the caller').
  3. As a group, students must then determine the vocabulary word that matches the picture on their card using their 'Art Bingo Clue Sheet' (which lists the vocabulary word along with its definition). Once they figure out the matching word, they place the visual card on top of the vocabulary word on the 'Art Bingo Clue Sheet', and then use a bingo chip to cover up that word on their personal bingo card.
  4. First student to get a line of 5 bingo chips wins (although I had my students play until they ran out of visual cards)!
I played this with one of my 4th grade classes today - and they LOVED it! :) It was so awesome watching them try to match the visuals with the vocabulary word and definition (higher level thinking!). Some students read through the definitions to solve them, some already knew the vocabulary words, and some even used the resources in my room to figure it out!
I can't wait to play it again with another group!

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