Paper Bag Buildings (1st)

We began this lesson by reading the book "Iggy Peck, Architect" by author Andrea Beaty and discussing what exactly an architect is and does. Then we looked at a Powerpoint I put together showing a variety of interestingly designed structures. As we view the images, the students and I discuss the interesting shapes and architectural details they see on the structures.
Then I have the students go back to their desks and give each of them a large brown paper bag (they write their name on the bottom flap). I explain to students that using construction paper crayons and scrap paper they are to design their own buildings. How they want their building to look is entirely up to them! It can be a house, an apartment, a skyscraper, a store, whatever...
At first I was a little unsure about doing this lesson with my first graders.. but I'm so happy I took the chance and did it with them! I LOVEEEEEE it!
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  1. How many class periods did this take? Did you show them step by step how to make the windows and doors, etc?

    1. The first day we read the book, viewed the powerpoint, and I had the kids start coloring their bags. Then we spent 2 more days (I think) cutting, gluing, and coloring.
      The only thing I showed them how to do was how to fold a square in half, cut out a smaller square from the folded side, then open it up to have a cut-out window.