Atmospheric Perspective Landscapes (4th)

Ohhhhhh this had so much potential!
I planned this atmospheric perspective landscape painting project for my 4th graders as an extension to our seascapes lesson.. but never ended up getting enough time with them to really make these turn out phenomenally great. We painted the liquid watercolor backgrounds the same day as we painted the seascape oceans (so at least we got that knocked out of the way).. but then we ended up only having 1 day left in the week to draw/plan and paint the foreground, middle-ground, and background in tempera (students mixed their own grays from a puddle of white and black paint). Students ended up being incredibly rushed. If they had a bit more time (even 20 minutes more)... I think these could've turned out even nicer!
Ohhh and they were using some old paintbrushes which really didn't lend themselves well to careful painting (no worries though - I just got some new ones in!). :)

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  1. These are beautiful! The kids did a great job! Love the effect of the colored skies against the monochromatic mountains! :)