Art Club Cupcakes

For the past few weeks my art club kids have been working on clay cupcakes!
The first week we made pinch-pots, then fit them into a silicone cupcake mold and flipped them out.
The second week we made the tops of the cupcakes by creating a coil-cone.
Then on the third week we glazed our pieces (after being bisque-fired of course)!

I'm not going to lie, this project intimidated the heck out of me! Up until this point I had never done clay with elementary-aged students (although during my student teaching I did clay with middle-schoolers). Surprisingly, things went pretty smoothly! I also programed and used my new kiln all by myself and the school didn't burn down - so yayyyyy! :)

This is a project I'm about to start with all my 5th grade classes (we'll be talking about Claes Oldenburg and Wayne Thiebaud), so I'm really excited it went so well (although I think with my 5th graders we might just paint our pieces instead of glazing them - more range of color that way).

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  1. These are great - love the glazes! I'm going to do this project with my 3rd graders and I need to teach them about coils....any advice for that top portion?