Gingerbread Houses (2nd)

Once again due to winter break I had a shorter than usual amount of time with my second graders (only 2 days!) - so I decided we would do a fun gingerbread house project! We began by looking at a variety of images of gingerbread houses and talked about how the builders of the houses had to think creatively to find ways to use candy to create the features needed for their house.

The 2nd graders had free reign over my scrap paper buckets, construction paper crayons, some glitter dots (the hole-punches from glitter paper), and then finally on the last day - "frosting" (shaving cream + glue + glitter).
Best part about this project was that it was completely self-directed. I did not give the kids any verbal direction besides "make a gingerbread house and be creative." Students were free to take risks and make their own artistic choices - no pressure!

Remember kids - DON'T eat the frosting! ;)

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