Art Club Jellyfish

I saw this lesson on Pinterest and I've been waiting to do this project with a group -- and I FINALLY got the opportunity to with my art club! It took us two 50-minute periods before school to complete.... and I LOVE them!

Day One: We start by wetting the backside of a paper bowl with water.. then use liquid watercolors to "tye-dye" the surface (wet-on-wet technique).
Next each student colors (or "scribble-scrabbles) a coffee filter with washable markers (I only gave them primary colors). Once finished I came around with a spray bottle of water and sprayed their filters (this causes the ink from the markers to spread and mix). These were moved onto a plastic lid and then placed on the drying rack.
Day Two: Students make a spiral cut on their coffee filters to make a long ribbon-like piece that will then be divided into four equal parts and used for the tentacles (taped onto the inner-sides of their bowl). Then I gave my kids a plain un-colored coffee filter - they cut this the same way (spiral cut). The white-ribbon is then cut into even pieces and taped into the inside-center of their bowl (for the oral arms).
We then used white paper to make eyes for their jellyfish and these are taped on as well.
Lastly, I came around and punctured two holes into the top of each bowl (with a sgraffito tool) and a piece of fishing line is strung through and tied (so the jellyfish can be hung up).

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