Unified Symbolic Sculptures (5th)

For my second project with 5th grade I decided to do a sculpture project! We began by looking at a PowerPoint and discussing what "form" and "unity" is. We looked at a variety of sculptures by various artists (including Robert Indiana, Claes Oldenburg, Louise Nevelson, etc.) and discussing what gave their sculptures a sense of unity. Oftentimes, we found it was because the artist repeated elements of art throughout the piece (color, line, shape, etc.).
Then I showed students my teacher sample of the project and told them the requirements: there sculpture had to have at least 2 symbols attached to the top, needed to create the sense of "unity", and when they were completed, needed to answer a writing prompt which had them verbally tell me about their sculpture and how they created unity.
We used Styrofoam cups for the base (like the kind from the cafeteria) and added designs by drawing in pencil first, then re-tracing our pencil likes with sharpies, then using crayons to add color. We used pieces of foam to create our symbols. And we used pipe cleaners to connect our symbols to the Styrofoam base (they just poke through the cup).

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