Roberto the Insect Architect (2nd)

We began our 2nd grade lesson this week by talking all about symmetry and the difference between linear symmetry and radial symmetry! To help us illustrate the difference, we looked at many pictures and decided whether they had linear symmetry (like bugs!) or radial symmetry (like snowflakes!). Then using a piece of drawing paper that we had folded in half (hamburger-style), we drew half of a bug shape along the folded side and then cut it out. When we opened our fold up, we found that we created an awesome bug shape with linear symmetry!
On day two, we began by reading the book "Roberto the Insect Architect" by Nina Laden. Unsure of what an architect was, we read the book looking for clues to help us figure it out. Eventually we figured out that it was an occupation, it had something to do with building, and it involved making plans called 'blueprints.' Ah!! An architect is an artist that designs buildings (and in this book -- designed houses for bugs)! :)
With the practice we got from making our first symmetrical bug under our belts, we created another bug using the same paper folding method and glued it down to a piece of blue construction paper. Then we used construction paper crayons and cut paper to create our beautiful collaged bug-houses!
Once we were finished, we decided to do a little creative writing about our bug-houses. Some friends wrote about what their houses looked like, while others described the bug that might live inside of it!

*This was a great project to do to burn through some scrap paper I had saved up from the "Monsters Don't Eat Broccoli" project too!!

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