Monday, September 28, 2015

Paul Klee Castles (2nd)

So these past few art rotations my second graders have been working on some Paul Klee inspired castles! Using a few rectangle stencils and rulers, they transformed their Square 1 Art paper into their own geometric castles! Then using crayons, they colored in their castles using either warm colors or cool colors (that was the instruction at least). Crayons are awesome for this because there are SO MANY different colors! Once their castles were colored in, they painted their sky with watercolor paints in the opposite color scheme.
These were completed in 2-3 45 minute classes.

So I wouldn't call the sky "cool colors"... butttttt they colored the castle well! :)

Some very lovely contemporary castle design.

And of course they alway want to add people.

Very pretty!

No.. they didn't follow the coloring directions correctly - but they DID make a lovely piece of artwork.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Color Mixing Penguins (1st)

So technically this is a post about a project that I've already written about before.. but I just HAD to share my latest class' work with you guys! I did this with my 1st grade students for their Square 1 Art projects. The only real difference between this set of artwork and my previous post is size. This time my students were working in a 8.5" x 8.5" area, so their penguins are a bit more squat. :)

This one is my little boy's artwork! I love being his art teacher now!! :)

I honestly cannot tell what this penguin is doing. Maybe sniffing a chip?

Penguin wearing a cat-hat. :)

Thursday, September 17, 2015

My Paintbrush Epiphany!

I have no idea how I've never thought of this before.
Paintbrushes held in drink pitchers.

Did you head just explode like mine did? No? Oh, okay it's just me then. ;)

I love the fact that my paintbrush containers now have handles! It's so much easier walking around the classroom handing out brushes now! I've also added pretty labels to them so if I ever send a student to go get them for me.. they'll know which container to bring!

Also - sorry for the lengthy gap between posts.. I promise I'm still teaching! I'll make another post as soon as I get more pictures of some great student art examples! :)

What's on the board this week!