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2015-2016 Classroom Photos!

Okay so technically I don't actually go back to work for preplanning until Monday.. but I've spent a good amount of time already in my classroom this summer.
I was really fortunate in getting my new position as the art teacher at a brand new elementary school in my county. That means new building, new furniture, new students, new adventures, and....starting from scratch. :)

This is what my new classroom looked like a month ago.

This is what it looks like now! :)

Moved over a bit.

My word wall and art centers area!

My bulletin board!

My shape posters.

My illustrated Elements of Art display (from 3 years ago)! :)

My forms posters.

My elements of art posters.

My "teacher area."

My beautifully papered filing cabinet!
I got lazy with the second one. haha

My teacher bookshelf. 

The front of my classroom. My carpeted reading area! The rug is from Target!

Student bookshelf!
Finally they added shelves into my kiln room!

2 sinks! And one is even made for kinders! Now they won't have to climb up to wash their hands. haha

You can see I taped off my tables again! 

I'm so excited to get the new year started!
I think my favorite part of my new room is that I finally have enough room to be able to separate my tables enough to allow for 4 students at a stand-alone table! Hooray!

...Oh... and my GIANT windows!! :)



  1. OMG What a beautiful space!! Can you tell how envious I am?!! Hope you have a wonderful year!

  2. Congrats on your beautiful new space! Enjoy! Would you mind sharing your "art jobs"? I want to tweak mine and need new ideas.

    I love, love, love your blog! I'm back to teaching art after a 13 year raising-my-own-kids break and need all the help I can get. Your blog has it all. : ) Thank you!

    1. Hey Erin!
      I wrote this blog post a couple years ago which better explains my jobs
      I hope you find it useful!

    2. Thank you! I'll check it out.

  3. Your room looks fabulous! Thanks for sharing it. Which type of tape works best for your tables? Duct tape? Electrical tape? The fire department made me take down my hanging color mobiles, so I'm looking for a new way to identify table colors. Thanks.

    1. I just use colored masking tape (like this: It leaves the least amount of residue on the table.
      The only problem is that kids LOVE to pick at it.. so you need to be on top of that to prevent it from happening and plan on replacing the tape at least once or twice each school year. :)

  4. Oooh a shiny new room - how exciting! I hope you have a fantastic year.

  5. What a colorful classroom. What is your favorite art project you enjoy with your art students?

  6. Art room crush! :-) LOVE IT! Enjoy your year--Mrs. P

  7. What a fabulous Art room .I love the Infants (Kindergarden ) .They are so creative .When I'm feeling down ,they make me happy ! I've had some of the best Art from them ,wish I could post some pictures of their work .

  8. Love the Infants -so creative ,enthusiastic and They listen to everything you say .Love your new Art room .Happy new teaching year xxx


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