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2015-2016 Classroom Photos!

Okay so technically I don't actually go back to work for preplanning until Monday.. but I've spent a good amount of time already in my classroom this summer.
I was really fortunate in getting my new position as the art teacher at a brand new elementary school in my county. That means new building, new furniture, new students, new adventures, and....starting from scratch. :)

This is what my new classroom looked like a month ago.

This is what it looks like now! :)

Moved over a bit.

My word wall and art centers area!

My bulletin board!

My shape posters.

My illustrated Elements of Art display (from 3 years ago)! :)

My forms posters.

My elements of art posters.

My "teacher area."

My beautifully papered filing cabinet!
I got lazy with the second one. haha

My teacher bookshelf. 

The front of my classroom. My carpeted reading area! The rug is from Target!

Student bookshelf!
Finally they added shelves into my kiln room!

2 sinks! And one is even made for kinders! Now they won't have to climb up to wash their hands. haha

You can see I taped off my tables again! 

I'm so excited to get the new year started!
I think my favorite part of my new room is that I finally have enough room to be able to separate my tables enough to allow for 4 students at a stand-alone table! Hooray!

...Oh... and my GIANT windows!! :)


Donors Choose - Round 2 (and technically 3)!

After the success I had with my first Donors Choose project last year, I decided to try it again!

I currently have two projects open.
If you would like to donate to either project or even just share this post I would be eternally grateful! :)
For the next 7 days, will match your donation if you enter the code SPARK.

My Students: My classroom is a place where students are able to explore their world and themselves artistically. As twenty-first century learners, I think it is imperative that they are introduced to as many different artistic mediums as possible, enabling them to better communicate their message to the world.
The 2015-2016 school year will be the first year that my school is open. Starting the school year with a projected 1,200 students (all of whom I will teach), a high ESOL population, and as a Title I school, I have my work cut out for me. Many of my students are coming from disadvantaged backgrounds and as their art teacher I think it is my job to teach them how to express themselves artistically so they can share their unique stories with the world.
My Project: In addition to teaching my students drawing, painting, printmaking, and ceramics, I would love to be able to teach them about photography, filmmaking, graphic design, web design, and animation. Coming from a graphic design background myself, with ipads I will be able to teach my students how to use modern technology expressively in order to effectively communicate a message.
Getting iPads for my classroom would absolutely enable me to teach my students valuable skills for a technology-driven world.
By donating to this project, you will be helping me to introduce my students to a completely different way of communicating through digital expression.
My students need iPads to help them learn about creative design, photography, and coding.

My Students: My classroom is a place where students are encouraged to explore artistically while making natural cross-curricular connections.
The 2015-2016 school year will be the first year that my school is open. The school is projected to open with 1,200 students (all of whom I will teach), will have a high ESOL population, and will be a Title I school. While I haven't met my individual students yet, I do know that many of them are coming from homes where all of their needs may not be provided for. That inspires me to work that much harder to make sure that they are getting an amazing experience while at school.
My Project: My students need 25 books to help enhance and inspire lessons, teach art history, and help students learn to draw. The books donated to my classroom will be used in a number of ways. The picture books will be used to help students make literary connections to inspire their art projects. The how-to-draw books will be used as reference books to help students refine their drawing skills during their free time. The 'Getting to Know the World's Greatest Artists' books will be used to help my students better understand the journey of artists who very well may have started out their lives in circumstances similar to my students.
Being able to use books in my art room not only incorporates literacy objectives (which certainly benefits all students - especially ESOL), but also provides heaps of inspiration for my students.
My students need 25 books to help enhance and inspire lessons, teach art history, and help students learn to draw.
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