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Back in the Classroom!

So I went up to school today to work in my classroom for a bit (even though we don't officially go back until the 29th). I stayed for about 4 hours.. working the entire time.. and still feel as if it's only a drop in the bucket -- I still have SO much to do!
As promised I will be writing a back to school post (it's still coming), but I want to wait until I have my room fully set up so I can include lots of pictures! :)

I've been working a lot lately designing some extra things in Illustrator for my room and in the process somehow got sidetracked into making name plates.

These look super cute when put into a 5"x7" frame and placed on your desk!

If you would like one for your room just shoot me an email with some color specifications and I can make one for you too! :)

Also.. I was officially accepted into grad school today - so YAYYY! I'll be starting on my MAEd. in Art Education next month!


Getting Ready...

Only 9 more days until teachers go back to school in my county for pre-planning!
I've been working quite a bit this summer on my Teachers Pay Teachers store and haven't really worked too much on my classroom - but that changes this week!
A week ago I went by the SchoolBox and spent way too much money on classroom decor (I redecorate every year to keep things fresh).. but then realized WAIT - I have a concentration in graphic design and a professional grade printer... I could totally just make some of this myself! **Which is funny because I've made several classroom decor bundles for my TPT store.. but never considered using them myself.
My decorative theme this year is going to be a classy black and white chevron and dots theme.. but I've since decided to throw in some chalkboard decor too!
I needed some grade-level labels for my pull out drawers (where I store 2D work).. and for my essential questions board.. so I made these...

If you like, you can follow this link and download it for yourself for free from my google drive account.
Hope you enjoy! :)

Stay tuned for my upcoming back to school post, where I will reveal all the greatness for this upcoming year! :)

GAEA Fall Conference

Woop woop - this lady got approved for her GAEA conference presentations!
That's right people - October 3rd, 2014 - Macon, GA. BE THERE! :)
Marriott Macon City Center
240 Coliseum Drive
Macon, Georgia 31217

My first presentation is at 10am-11am:
Teachers-Pay-Teachers: Getting Rich'ish Quick'ish  (Gram)
Intrigued by the financial allure of teachers-pay-teachers but don't know where to start? Come join the conversation about how art teachers can supplement their income by taking advantage of a growing arts-integrated niche market. Participants may bring their laptops if they'd like but it is not necessary.

Then the wonderful Mollie from Art with Ms. K and I will be presenting together at 3pm-4pm:
Connected Classroom: Building your network through blogging and technology  (Gram & Katzin)
Explore how to use personal blogging and other interactive resources to incite professional growth, build your own personal learning network, and renew your enthusiasm for teaching.

So excited to be presenting again! Please feel free to stop by and say hey if you're attending this year! :)
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