Friday, February 21, 2014

Cup Weaving 2.0 (4th)

I have been SO excited to blog about my new and improved cup weaving lesson! So last year I attempted to do cup weaving with my some of my students.. and while I loved the results.. the process was infuriating! For some reason I thought it was a great idea to weave with plastic cups - which made sharp jagged edges when cut by children. When that didn't go smoothly I thought myself sooooo clever to switch to styrofoam cups - which ended up making spokes (warp strips) that snapped off when pulled on to much.
FINALLY I figured it out - PAPER CUPS!! These work PERFECTLY!! It is easy for the kids to cut the strips themselves AND they are surprisingly very durable.

The first thing I had my kids do was write their name on the bottom of their cup with a sharpie. Then they placed their upside-down cup onto a template I created and made a tick mark on the rim of the cup everywhere where they saw a triangle poking out - this gave them evenly spaced points to cut from.
When cutting out the spokes/warp strips, it is extremely important to remember to cut out an odd number of strips so that when you are weaving your AB pattern, the pattern alternates each consecutive time around. I found that with the 9oz cups my kids were using, 9 strips turned out to be the perfect number.
**If you'd like my template for this (5oz and 9oz cups), follow this link!
Once the strips were cut, students double-knotted a piece of yarn to one of the strips, then began weaving!
This particular class worked for 5 days straight on this (they really are a wonderful group).. and I had a few students who even completed 3 very well done cups in this amount of time (a couple even got pulled for our county art show)! :) The 4th grade teacher whose class did these wonderful weavings also has her own blog too - so if you're a classroom teacher, you may be interested to check it out!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Jim Dine inspired heART (1st)

This heART project is inspired by the artwork of Jim Dine. Earlier in the week first graders and I talked about texture (the way that something feels)... so I thought it fitting to begin this project with the same concept in mind.
Students began first by doing crayon rubbings and gathering as many textures as they could on their papers. Then once they were done with their crayon rubbings, they used oil pastels to draw hearts overtop of their textures (similar to the heart art done by Jim Dine).
I have a variety of textured surfaces.
If you don't have plates try using liquid glue
on cardboard! Let it dry - them bam!
The following day I gave them liquid glitter watercolor paints to paint overtop of their pictures and create a resist!
Love how they turned out - so colorful and full of implied textures! :)
Just perfect for Valentine's Day!

Student Sample
Student Sample
Student Sample
Student Sample
Student Sample
Student Sample
Student Sample
Student Sample
Student Sample
Hall Display
Hall Display
Hall Display

Monday, February 10, 2014

My Paper heART Chain!

Last week after I had wrapped up my week's lessons.. I found myself with a little extra time with a few of my classes. I knew I needed something to fill the small amount of time that I had.. and I knew I wanted it to be fun.. then BAM - it hit me!
I saw this pin on Pinterest last year and always wanted to make it.. but never quite got around to it until now.
I cut up a TON of 1.5"x12" strips of white drawing paper and asked students to color the front and back however they'd like to in crayon. Once they completed their strip I had them turn them into me to add to the paper heART chain!
Once I had a good amount of chain created, I started thinking about how I was going to hang it. After considering a few ideas, I decided to hang the paper heART chain up in the shape of a heart (how appropriate - AND perfect for Valentine's Day)! :)
Once the heart was up, I decided I wanted to continue the chain as far down the hallway as possible (to really make a statement)! So I emailed the classroom teachers and told them about my project! I'm so happy with the response for far! So many classes are planning on participating in my heART chain project! Best part is - EVERYONE can participate regardless of grade/skill-level!
I will definitely have to post again soon with an update on this one!

Creating the chain!
Please ignore how lopsided this looks. :) I eyeballed it.
Pretty colors!

Beginning the crawl down the hall!