Monday, April 22, 2013

Rainbow Paper Mosaics Revisited (K)

My hallway display! :)
EQ: What is a mosaic?

If you're a regular around 'Art with Ms. Gram,' you may remember reading about my kindergarten rainbow paper mosaic project. After 2 weeks though, I decided to make some changes. For example I switched to blue paper instead of they grey I used before, gave my students one more additional class period to work, AND let them loose on some glitter (yayyyyyyyy). :)
It's still not perfect.. but I definitely like the direction I'm going in now with this project. Now the only thing that's bothering me is the dark pencil lines visible behind the torn paper collage.. so what I think I'm going to have my students do this week is use crayons to draw each color band (according to what color belongs there).. then have students arrange their torn paper pieces on top of the crayon line. That way most of the lines are covered.. and if for some reason you do see the line.. it is at least the same color as the band. Not sure why I hadn't thought of that before... but oh well - you live, reflect, and learn (essentially my blog's entire purpose).
Can't wait to try this again!! 
--Expect to see a third post coming eventually. haha

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