Monday, September 28, 2015

Paul Klee Castles (2nd)

So these past few art rotations my second graders have been working on some Paul Klee inspired castles! Using a few rectangle stencils and rulers, they transformed their Square 1 Art paper into their own geometric castles! Then using crayons, they colored in their castles using either warm colors or cool colors (that was the instruction at least). Crayons are awesome for this because there are SO MANY different colors! Once their castles were colored in, they painted their sky with watercolor paints in the opposite color scheme.
These were completed in 2-3 45 minute classes.

So I wouldn't call the sky "cool colors"... butttttt they colored the castle well! :)

Some very lovely contemporary castle design.

And of course they alway want to add people.

Very pretty!

No.. they didn't follow the coloring directions correctly - but they DID make a lovely piece of artwork.

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