Rainbow Palette Jewelry

Looking for a statement piece for your art teacher wardrobe? Or just something prettier to hang your keys and ID on? Be sure to check out my new creative venture, Rainbow Palette Jewelry.
All necklaces and lanyards are hand-painted and assembled by myself and are designed for all other color enthusiasts to enjoy!
On Friday, May 24th at 7pm eastern time, I will be doing a restock of my collection at www.rainbowpalettejewelry.com. During my first stock in April, almost everything sold out within 24 hours... so if you're wanting a piece, you'll want to make sure that you set an alarm. :)
There are going to be a whole bunch of different styles in this restock, but if you were looking at the crayon lanyards specifically, those will be priced at $21.
To keep current on all things Rainbow Palette Jewelry, be sure to follow my instagram accounts @rainbowpalettejewelry and @artwithmrsnguyen.

Below are just a few of the pieces that I've made for the collection (some are in this upcoming restock and some aren't).


  1. The email on your website says it does not exist- melinda@arwithmrsnguyen.com. Is there another that is good to contact you? I have a question about your bingo games.

  2. Hey Beth, the email you entered doesn't have the 't' on the end of the word art.
    Is it listed incorrectly somewhere on my website? I'd like to correct it if it is but I haven't been able to find it yet...
    It should be: melinda@artwithmrsnguyen.com

  3. Did I read somewhere that there would be a limited pre-order option for sold out products?

    1. Yes! If the color you want is sold you, you just select a preorder date (in the same place you would've selected the color), and then in the dropdown box below it you'll select your color choice.