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Happy 25th Birthday to meeeeee! :)

Me and my younger sister
Michelle. She's an elementary
technology teacher (until she
can get a classroom teaching
job at her school)!
So here we are... my 25th birthday. Guess it's finally time to start growing up (hahahahahaha) - says the girl with a 5 year old son. Been there - been doing that. ;)

I normally don't make posts about non-art related things.. but hey, this only comes once a year so why not. I also wanted to take this chance to share some of my grown-up family Christmas photos with you guys. Granted - this was 4 days ago when I was still only 24 (gah - how immature).

Last year we started a tradition of taking a silly
Christmas Eve photo shoot. The goal is to take a bunch
of ridiculous and fun pictures. :)

We planked last year. We planked this year.
Planking on people is harder than it looks! You gotta find your
center of mass.
This is our planking picture from last year (2012).

Hope you all have had a wonderful winter break so far and have a happy new year! :)

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