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ALIVE - Not Dead!

No new post in 16 days?!?!?!
You guys seriously have no idea how much it bothers me when I go longer than a week without making a new post! It has been 16 days... and I'm going through withdrawals! Haha :)
Two weeks ago I got SUPER sick (like a fever of 103°) and that pretty much knocked me out for an entire week - I've literally never been that sick before. Horrible. :(
But I'm better now and back to work! :)

We've been super busy in my classroom! This week is my last "first week" with my kindergarteners, 1st graders, and 2nd graders -- which is fantastic because if I have to do that same first day shpeel one more time I might cry! The way my rotation works, I see a group of students for one week straight and then they rotate to their next special the following week. And since I have 7 different groups (some grade levels having split classes too) of K-2... it's taken 7 weeks to get through their first week of art. The first week has pretty much just been an introduction to my classroom and to my centers so I am extremely excited to get to jump into some cool new projects now!

It's certainly been interesting these first few weeks of school. My elementary school went from being the second largest school in our county to the first largest with over 1,950 students! Yikes!
Unfortunately because we do not have enough specials classes to accommodate this large number of students, we've had to do split classes this year on each grade level (split classes are when one or two classes get divided up and are sent to specials with other classes - which increases our class sizes). Right now I'm sitting at 28 students in each of my kindergarten classes (which is tricky since many/most of our kids do not come in with pre-k experience and many do not speak fluent English yet). My largest classes this year however are my 3rd grade classes with 33-35 students. 
No it is not an ideal situation... but it is what it is so we have to make the best of it! :)

I've been working on designing several new projects to do with my kids over the next couple months and I cannot wait to get student examples so I can post them (I hate posting without having student examples)!! But to give you a taste of some of what's coming...

Colored sharpie on foil with
glue lines underneath.
Guitars of Paracho

Potential sewing/weaving project.
Updated cup weaving!

Like I said, as soon as I get solid student examples I will be making full posts about each of these projects (and MORE!) -- so just hold tight! :) 

Color-coded and awesome!
Also... update on my 4th/5th grade sketchbooks... I LOVE THEM. So happy that we started out the year making them!! It's been a great way to show student learning and assessment!
Each class has a different color sketchbook and each color table has a different color yarn holding it together. <- This makes it incredibly quick and easy to get sketchbooks passed out! 

Also - check out these lovely posters I've painted and added to my classroom! Our second graders this year are being assessed for part of our TES (Teacher Effectiveness System) and the emphasis is on color... so I wanted to make sure that they were constantly having this reinforced every time they walk into my classroom.


  1. Love the color poster idea...may need to borrow that one!!! :)

  2. Your class sizes are insane. You are most definitely my hero for teaching in this situation!

  3. I particularly like the cup weaving idea. I am always looking for new threads and textiles ideas and they look like they would make cool pencil holders. Do you have any links to instructions for this?
    I added your blog to my blogroll today. I would love it if you had a look at my blog.

    1. Hey Shelley!
      Thanks so much for following!! :)
      I posted about cup weaving last year as well.. but did not include my usual step-by-step instructions. I am going to be posting about it again pretty soon though.. so stay posted!!
      If you don't want to wait though.. I went ahead and posted most of my visuals on my google drive account..

      Make sure you have an odd number of spokes!!


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