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Big Things are Coming! :)

Made this guy for my desk! :)

I really wanted to write a blog post this weekend about this awesome Word Wall Jeopardy activity I made for my 4th/5th graders.. but realized when I sat down this morning to write it, that I forgot to snap a picture of my word wall before leaving school on Friday... sooooo be looking out for that blog post later this week! It. is. AWESOME. :)

I will also be posting on the following projects sometime over the next few weeks:

1st grade Clay'dy Bugs
2nd grade Clay Turtles

3rd grade Clay'ngry Birds
Kindergarten 'Blue'prints

Also wanted to share this hall display I made for 'Peace Week' a few weeks back at my school (as requested by the school counselors). :)

Tiny peace signs designed and colored by my awesome art clubbers! :)
Peace sign created by collaging a bunch of scrap colored coffee filters from my 1st grade space project.

And finally because I'm just slapping a bit of everything into this blog post.. here's a quick one day lesson I did with some of my first grade classes towards the beginning of the year...
Homemade stampers
We read the book "The Dot" and talked about what it means to be creative. Afterwards I gave my students some Styrofoam stampers I made by hot gluing Styrofoam circles (cut from plates) onto the back of some souffle cups. Students used washable markers and colored the Styrofoam part of the stamper, then flipped them over and printed them on their papers. *We did this lesson after doing our color mixing unit, so students were encouraged to use 2 primary colors on their stamps to try to create a secondary color. Once their dots were printed, students used black marker to transform their dots into something more. :)


  1. I want to remember this idea. I have a printing unit in November and am always searching to expand my printing methods ideas. Love this one. Do you wash them off and use them year after year?

    1. I've only done this lesson a few times.. but yep! You can just wipe them with a damp towel or baby wipe and they are completely reusable!


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