Premio Dardos Award!

So over the winter break I was awarded the 'Premio Dardos' Award by Mr. R from 'My Messy Art Room' for my blog 'Art with Ms. Gram'! :)
I just wanted to say thank you to him for the shout-out and support! As a first year teacher and blogger.. I sometimes find it difficult to manage everything that's on my plate (I also have the worlds cutest 4-yr old son!!)... but it is the support from fellow art teachers that keeps me going with a smile on my face! So again - THANK YOU!! :D
The Premio Dardos award is a virtual award sent as a ‘gift’ from one blogger to another as “recognition for the creativity, effort and dedication” we each put into our blog. The award originated in Spain around 2008-2009 and has been sent from blogger to blogger ever since. 
So apparently it is tradition to continue passing this honor along to someone else that the recipient finds worthy - and so I'd like to pass this honor onto my good friend Mollie at 'Art with Ms. K'. I had always intended on keeping a blog (from the very first day of school).. but let things get in the way. Mollie's dedication to her blog from day one (she is also a first year teacher) really inspired me to start up and maintain my own - so thank you Mollie!! :)

Again, thank you so much to all the people that follow and subscribe to my blog - my pageviews and subscribers are a really big motivator for getting me to post all my students artwork! :)

World's cutest son! :)

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