I know.. I know. I'm falling behind on my blog. Ahhhh if only there were more time in the day!
I'm hoping to get some good pictures of my students work tomorrow at school before I post my lessons.. but here's a teaser of what is coming up....
*all lessons shown below should be uploaded over the next week - except for the Kindergarten lesson which will be posted after the break (when I can get some good student images)

Teacher Sample: 1st grade project
Student Samples: 3rd grade project
Teacher Sample: 5th grade

Student Sample: 5th grade project
Teacher Sample: Kinder project

Also coming soon - 2nd grade value paintings, 2nd grade robot paintings, jellyfish, and dot art


  1. I LOVE Your blog. You spend alot of time documenting your work. This is something Iwant to do too but never find the time. Here is my blog if I pasted it right. http://sandy-expressyourself.blogspot.com/

  2. Thanks for the comment Sandy! :) I was actually thinking about writing a post about why I blog/document in the first place.. so it's funny you should say that. :)
    I look forward to checking out your blog! :)