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Goodbye Dear Friend

Tragedy often strikes when we least expect it. 
One second everything is just fine, then the next it's not.
It makes you think about the things that really matter in life and reminds you to always hold close those special moments in time. 
Oftentimes we take things for granted and don't even realize how special something is until it's viciously taken away.
I don't think I'll ever understand how they could do it - living with such disregard.

With that being said, I'm so sad to announce that at approximately 9:39am this past Friday morning - my sweet beautiful area rug was (figuratively) taken away from me - splattered in blue tempera paint.

It's hard not to close my eyes and still see the bright blue pigment strewn across my classroom floor.
Why oh why did you have to be in the way that day. 

The worst part is that the 7-year old offenders got away - never punished for their crimes. An "accident" they said.

Goodbye dear friend.


Textured Clay Initials Project (2nd)

I'm always on the lookout for simply yet awesome clay projects - and this one is inspired by Cassie Stephens!

On the first day I went through my now standard "Journey of Clay" PowerPoint with my students and we talked about the four main ways of building with clay: slab, coil, pinching, and wheel.
Afterwards I showed my students how to use my slab roller to flatten their chunk of clay into a lovely "sheet of clay" (aka - slab), then each student got to try it out themselves.
Once they had their slab, students cut any shape they wanted into their clay and then pressed some texture into it (I have a ga'gillion texture plates now - I went a little crazy on Amazon). Once they had that done I had them put up their clay, clean up their spot, then wash their hands.
On the second day I demo'ed how to roll out a coil, create a letter, and then properly attach it to a slab using the score and slip method. Students could create 1-3 letters to add to their slab. Then they used a straw to poke two holes into the top of their slab (to hang them later).
After a few days of drying out, I bisque fired the clay in my kiln.

Then during my students next rotation (about a month later) we got down to decorating!
I wasn't sure what I wanted my kids to paint with. Normally we just use tempera, but I was worried that it might cover up the texture too much, so instead we used oil pastels and watercolor paints. It's a technique that I've always wanted to try anyways, so I thought what the heck.
Once their clay pieces were dry, students added pipe cleaners and beads to make their clay slab into a lovely hanging decoration.

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