Monday, February 16, 2015

Jim Dine Inspired Embossing

This lesson was inspired by a pin I found on Pinterest from K-8 Art.

We first began by looking at a PowerPoint I created showcasing the work of famous heART artist Jim Dine. <3 I mean come'on... it's February.
After talking about the theme of his work and examining the many mediums he worked in, we also talked about how he managed to create texture in his pieces.
Then we transitioned to talking about the technique of embossing in aluminum (or repoussé or repujado) - so many different ways you can take this project.

After all was said and done, I had my students create 2 different designs on pieces of 6"x6" paper - the only requirement being that it had to include at least one heart somewhere in it and some pattern for texture.
I then had my kids pick their favorite design out of the two and transfer it onto a piece of tooling foil. To do the transfer they taped their design on top of a piece of aluminum tooling foil (36 gauge), then placed that on a piece of foam, then traced over their design with a colored pencil (so they could tell where they had already traced). Once the initial design was transferred, they removed the paper drawing and traced over their lines on their tooling foil a bit harder with a "pokey stick"(wooden scratch sticks).
Once their image was ready, they flipped their foil over and began coloring with colored sharpies on the embossed side (the side with the raised drawing) instead of the debossed side (the side with the pushed in drawing).
The results - STUNNING.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Rainbow Fish 2.0 (1st)

This is a project that I've posted about previously.. but my kiddos last week knocked it out of the park! Such beautiful artwork - had to post!!