Thursday, May 21, 2015

The transition to Art with Ms. Nguyen

Okay.. so I know that technically I won't be Ms. Nguyen for another 9 days.. BUT I wanted to go ahead and start making the changes to my blog so I won't have to think about it after the wedding (on my honeymoon).
I debated whether I should change the name of my blog or not for a LONG time.
I initially wanted to keep it Art with Ms. Gram because I felt like I've really built my brand under that name...
BUT at the same time that isn't going to be my name anymore.. so it makes sense to change it.

If you type in my blogspot address ( it will redirect you to
I am currently working on making my old address forward to ... so in case you forget the name change you'll be good. This will allegedly take approx. 24-48 hours.

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