Sunday, September 28, 2014

Happy 6th Birthday Brody!!

Today we celebrated my son's 6th birthday (even though it isn't until tomorrow) with a party at the park! This year he wanted a construction theme and I was happy to oblige! Whenever I do... well pretty much anything.. I feel the need to go all out (see previous post on last year's ninja turtle birthday party) and this year was no different! I scoured Pinterest for ideas.. then got to work!

Hard hats from Party City! Just added the label for my son's!

Ehhh so the goodie boxes were a little meh.. so I added the labels to jazz it up a bit.

Definitely saw this on Pinterest.

Another wonderful idea from Pinterest!

My sister. Never leaves the house without a hat.. and in this case.. two. :)

My fiance, the birthday boy, and myself. :)

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