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Donors Choose Project - Sketchbooks!

Even a repin will help!!
Feeling particularly generous? Check out my project on Donors Choose! If you enter the word 'INSPIRE' when you make a donation, Donors Choose will match that donation dollar for dollar for the net 7 days!
Even if you are unable to help - if you know someone who can.. please send them my way! Thank you so much for the support guys!

My Students: One of the biggest challenges at my school is how often I see my art students. Because of our massive size, I only see my upper-grade students for one week every month and a half. Knowledge retention suffers because of this.
My school now has over 2,100 elementary students and I teach art to half of them (the other half see our other art teacher). We are a very high-poverty (95%+ free and reduced lunch) transient school, so students are constantly coming and going (our school services 30+ apartment complexes).
Because my school is so large I only see my students for a week every month and a half (to two months for my lower-grades). Because I see them so infrequently, they often lose the knowledge and concepts taught to them weeks/months before. If my students had sketchbooks we would have a secure place to take notes and draw sketches, so students would have past knowledge available to them every time they come to art.

My current issue with sketchbooks is that because of how transient our population is, it is nearly impossible to keep up with personalized handmade paper sketchbooks. When students leave our school they often leave without their sketchbooks and due to their personalized nature, I can't reuse them for another student.
I need something that can easily be swapped out for a new student to use (take out the old papers and put a new name label on).
By having these durable poly folders, my students will finally have a place to store all the notes, sketches, and knowledge they learn in art over the year. Hopefully this will allow for better knowledge retention, so my program can continue to build on itself and I won't have to spend so much time remediating old concepts.
My students need durable folders for art sketchbooks which can be easily swapped out when students move away or I get new students.

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