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Getting Ready...

Only 9 more days until teachers go back to school in my county for pre-planning!
I've been working quite a bit this summer on my Teachers Pay Teachers store and haven't really worked too much on my classroom - but that changes this week!
A week ago I went by the SchoolBox and spent way too much money on classroom decor (I redecorate every year to keep things fresh).. but then realized WAIT - I have a concentration in graphic design and a professional grade printer... I could totally just make some of this myself! **Which is funny because I've made several classroom decor bundles for my TPT store.. but never considered using them myself.
My decorative theme this year is going to be a classy black and white chevron and dots theme.. but I've since decided to throw in some chalkboard decor too!
I needed some grade-level labels for my pull out drawers (where I store 2D work).. and for my essential questions board.. so I made these...

If you like, you can follow this link and download it for yourself for free from my google drive account.
Hope you enjoy! :)

Stay tuned for my upcoming back to school post, where I will reveal all the greatness for this upcoming year! :)


  1. Love your chalk labels! Was wondering if you could make a 6th grade label? I am a librarian and we are a K-6 school and needed one more! Thank you in advance!


  2. These are so perfect for storing my sons' special school papers and projects. Thanks so much!


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