Thursday, July 24, 2014

Back in the Classroom!

So I went up to school today to work in my classroom for a bit (even though we don't officially go back until the 29th). I stayed for about 4 hours.. working the entire time.. and still feel as if it's only a drop in the bucket -- I still have SO much to do!
As promised I will be writing a back to school post (it's still coming), but I want to wait until I have my room fully set up so I can include lots of pictures! :)

I've been working a lot lately designing some extra things in Illustrator for my room and in the process somehow got sidetracked into making name plates.

These look super cute when put into a 5"x7" frame and placed on your desk!

If you would like one for your room just shoot me an email with some color specifications and I can make one for you too! :)

Also.. I was officially accepted into grad school today - so YAYYY! I'll be starting on my MAEd. in Art Education next month!


  1. Where will you be attending?

  2. Georgia State University
    It's where I got my bachelors degree too :)