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Wedding Planning - Part One!

Since my engagement on June 1st, I've been working away on wedding planning! Since I will be teaching full-time and back in school full-time beginning in the fall, I figured I should get as much done as I can now.
Picking out a wedding date was a tricky task. I had to find some period of time when I wouldn't be teaching (cause who wants to pay out of pocket for that time off?!) OR in school (I'll be taking classes every semester -- even in the summer).
For obvious reasons I wanted to avoid Thanksgiving and Christmas break (I do ACTUALLY want people to attend my wedding).. so that left me with only one other option - the time period between May 24th-June 7th, 2015. Of course the first weekend in that time period is Memorial day.. so I really had no choice (for a Saturday) other than May 30th, 2015. SOOOOO long story short - that's my date! :)
Once the date was set I immediately began my venue search. May-July is a VERY popular time to get married.. (I was surprised how many venues were already booked for my date)!!
^ Not me -- but this IS at my wedding location
After touring a few locations.. I finally found exactly what I was looking for! I wanted a venue in which I could have the ceremony outdoors overlooking some type of gorgeous landscape. My first thought was to go into the Georgia mountains.. but that idea was quickly pulled apart (travel expenses for guests, distance, cost, etc.). Then I thought about a lakefront wedding - but the location we toured was super expensive. My next thought was on the river - BINGO!
 The location I've settled upon and booked is right on the Yellow River - it is absolutely stunning!

Naturally I've also been thinking a lot about design, style, and colors (darn my art teacheriness) - and have settled upon a palette of plum and silver.

To help cut costs, I've also decided to do my own wedding invitations. After scouring Pinterest for what seemed like an endless amount of time.. I finally gathered enough inspiration to design my own invitation from scratch!

Preview of my invitation design!

I'm so excited to continue planning! :)

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