Friday, March 28, 2014

Radial Printmaking 2.0 (4th)

Printmaking isn't really one of my favorite art disciplines.. but I truly do love this project (aside from the messy messy clean-up). This 4th grade radial printmaking project is one that I did last year as well.. so if you'd like to read my fully explained lesson you should click here. :)
The only thing I changed up this year was having my students mount their artwork onto a sheet of construction paper. I think the pop of color really livens the black-and-white pieces! :)
When the 4th grade teacher came to pick up her class from specials I showed her a few of her student's work. She was really excited that we had talked about symmetry in class (yay math connection)!


  1. You don't love printmaking?! C'mon! These are great! I do a lot of relief printing with water soluble crayon a markers. Almost no clean up and the kids can get a wide variety of colors:) don from shine brite Zamorano:).

  2. HI there! Did this project with 6th graders in the spring--thought you'd like to see:
    Thank you so much for sharing this project! Mrs. P