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Summer Staff Development

So this past week I attended the summer staff development in my county for elementary art teachers. We had lots of teachers sharing lots of ideas on lesson plans, classroom management, and technology! I even got to present about blogging in art education and it went great! :) So well in fact that I plan on presenting at our state conference (GAEA) this fall with my friend Mollie (from Art with Ms. K).

At our staff development we also had some teachers doing some hands-on lesson with us! Lots of fun!! :)

Basket weaving- SO MUCH FUN!!

House sculptures! Mine is the brown treehouse looking one.

Another great example created by a fellow art teacher!

Happy 100th pin! :)

Anyone in the art education blogging community probably already knows how useful of a resource Pinterest is. Once images from a project you've posted about are pinned... they are open to be 'repinned' by a virtually endless amount of viewers. Pinterest is hands-down one of my leading traffic sources to this site (which is great because my high traffic keeps me enthusiastically writing)!! :)

Today one of my pins got it's 100th repin! Yayyy! :) Just wanted to share because it really did brighten my morning when I saw! If you don't already follow my boards...
They are not as super-organized as other peoples boards that I've seen... but it basically breaks down to this-
  • 'My Art Lessons' board - Examples from projects that I have personally taught in the classroom. Links back to posts in this blog. Original board.
  • 'Hallway Displays' board - Hallway displays I have personally created from my students work. Also links back to posts in this blog. Original board.
  • Every other board - Filled with tons of pictures to inspire future projects. :)
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