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Kinder Winter Landscapes Part II (K)

EQ: How can I mix new colors?

So this post is really just an extension of a post I made a couple weeks ago (Kinder-Winter Landscapes) - except this time my group of children did not have behavior issues.. so we were able to do the project as I had intended. :)
To read the full step-by-step you'll want to click on the link to my previous post above.. but if you are just here for the images - continue!

This time instead of doing blue around the outside.. we just kept adding blue to our red paint to go from red, to red-violet, to violet, and then we were trying to get to blue-violet... but wouldn't you just know it.. it ended up really just being another violet. haha Oh well - I LOVE how they look!
AND this time as students were finishing printing the snow with sponges, I came around and sprinkled an iridescent glitter on it! Oh how children love glitter! :) Some of the kid's white tempera had already started drying.. so after I came around with glitter, I came around with a can of hairspray and gave each student's paper a quick spritz hoping it would help the glitter stick - and it did!

Yep.. there is always that one. :) Beautiful composition still though!
Future famous abstract painter?! Yeah??
Beautiful display!

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  1. These are so beautiful. I absolutely LOVE the abstract composition of number 2. Thanks of sharing!


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